Hello! Things have been quiet from a news perspective, but there’s lots going on in the background.

My project with Steven Lambert is coming along nicely and I should have more to talk on that very soon, and in the mean time you can always head over to my Soundcloud page which contains a lot more examples of my work, and some of the stuff that I’ve just made for fun or practice lately.

In my capacity as one half of Surprised Man we showed off Fix Fix Bang Bang this weekend at the Bonus Stage event at the Loading Bar, Dalston. We hope to have a version of that people can play very very soon now.

I’ve decided to rotate out a few examples from my examples page, just because there are a few pieces of work I wanted to showcase there and a couple that I decided it was time to retire. I expect this to continue as I am able to share more of the work I’ve done lately.

I’ve also been pitching, or am in the early stages of a couple of other project, and I expect that to ramp up again very soon as my schedule starts to become clearer.

As always, feel free to get in touch with me about upcoming projects that you have, it’s never too early to reach out and start talking ideas. I recently attended a talk at EGX Rezzed from the wonderful Rex Crowle working on Knights and Bikes who talked a lot about how inspiration for your game doesn’t have to be visual-only but can come from audio places too - and in my opinion there’s no better way to get access to that perspective than by involving a composer early.

I hope to write up my thoughts on this and a few other topics on my blog soon.

AuthorPeter Silk