What are your rates?

I don't share a standard set of rates because they can vary significantly according to the demands of each project. But I offer excellent value with negotiable payment terms.

How early should I get in touch?

If you have a solid track record of shipped work, then it's never too early to get in touch! I can join a project later, but I love to be involved from the early stages so that my music can contribute to the aesthetic vision of the project.

Additionally, since I work on a part-time schedule, getting me involved sooner helps ensure I can work to your development schedule.

If you're just getting your start, I'd still love to work with you - but I will want the work to be a little further along in development so that I have some confidence the project will be followed through. 

I've never worked with a composer before and I'm not sure how all this works! Can you help?

I'm very easy to work with and have a professional background in media rights which has enabled me to make a few contract templates in plain English that we can use as a starting point. I'm also happy to talk you through any questions you may have about how music rights work and exactly what each type of agreement gets you.

What about non-games work?

Sure! My skills and experience make me highly suited to video game work, but there's a lot of room for crossover there with short films, animation and other media and I'd be very interested to talk.