Music Examples

Here's a small selection of my work across the main styles I work in, and from a variety of projects I've worked on.

If you're looking for a style not represented here, or something unique then let me know - I'm always looking for new kinds of project!

For more music visit my Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Modern |

Style: Orchestral
Moods: Hope, Wanderlust, Adventure

Style: Electronic
Moods: Nostalgia, Longing, Determination

Style: Piano/Instrumental
Moods: Sorrow, Hope, Resolve

Style: Chamber Ensemble
Moods: Playfulness, Fun, Mischief

Style: Electronic/Instrumental
Moods: Subterfuge, Mischief, Weirdness

Style: Orchestral
Moods: Danger, Excitement, Cartoon

Style: Electronic
Moods: Exploration, Mystery, Wonder

Style: (Mostly) Orchestral
Moods: Respite, Preparation, Optimism

| Retro

Style: Chiptune
Moods:  Funky, Action, Mystery

Style: Electronic/16-Bit inspired
Moods: Impishness, Oddity, Night

Style: Chiptune
Moods: Fun, Excitement, Confidence

Style: Electronic/16-bit Inspired
Moods: Pensive, Mystery, Peaceful

Style: Chiptune
Moods: Victory, Heroism, Joy

Style: Chiptune / Orchestral
(includes blend between two mixes)
Moods: Action, Danger, Determination