The short answer is that I want to make music for as many lovely people (with a great game project!) as possible.

The longer answer is that I think there is a particular type of game developer that is underserved by the standard choices in game music right now. 

There are a lot of high quality, small games out there by developers on very small budgets at the moment. Composers are expensive, and their work is well beyond the budget of many creators of this sort of game.

This is not an inherently bad thing; composers have every right to place a certain amount of value on their time, and creating music takes no small amount of effort. I am a firm believer in people getting paid for their efforts. 

But there are a few reasons that I am willing to negotiate a much friendlier price.

Like many independent creators, I have a full-time, non-composer job. 

I have enough free time to work on projects of small to medium size depending on how much music is needed and what the deadlines are. But I am not relying on my composer income to support myself, so I can afford to negotiate a price and payment schedule that is affordable for smaller developers.

In addition, by targeting smaller and solo developers, I believe I can give a good price without undervaluing my work. After all, it's hard to undervalue oneself in a niche that doesn't seem to be served by anyone at the moment.

Unless the dev has a way of creating their own music, or they happen to know someone willing to help out, about the only affordable option is to buy pre-made assets from a store, like the Unity Asset Store.

The problem with this is that this music is always licensed non-exclusively and so may not be unique to your game, and you simply get what you bought with no ability to request tweaks or evolve how the game should sound over time.

I think that option might be sufficient for some developers, and some games. But I also think that small developers are just as serious about their creations as anyone else and that given the opportunity, many would prefer to contract a composer to make their music.

What I want to do is help, in a small way, to create that opportunity.

If you like the sound of that, and enjoy my portfolio, then please get in touch and perhaps we can work out a deal that's right for you. 

AuthorPeter Silk