I recently received a pleasing amount of money and so I have decided to use it on making some long wished-for updates to my composing set up at home. 

To this end I have set aside a corner of my living room entirely for the purpose of composing music. Currently it looks like this:

But when it's done it'll look like a little corner where I can compose to my heart's content.

Among the upgrades will be a new, dedicated custom-built laptop, high quality reference speakers, a new MIDI controller keyboard, and a lot of new sounds. The latter will be focusing on the Orchestral side because that's where I think I'm most due an upgrade at the moment, but the addition of Komplete 10 will mean I will have lots of new sounds and synths of all kinds to draw from.

Once it's all ready I'll open up a new section on my music page where I list my current equipment and modules for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing. 


AuthorPeter Silk