For my portfolio, I want there to be

  • 3 Orchestral Pieces
  • 3 Electronic Pieces
  • 3 Chiptunes
  • ...possibly one or two mixed ones.

In each category I know a piece I definitely want to include, but I want your help in deciding which other ones to include.

When you're listening, try not to only think about which ones you like the most - try to also think about ones that display a flexible range of styles. 

Once you're done, please comment below or tweet me with the names of the pieces you think I should include in each category. 

NB The embedded music player can be a bit temperemental in my experience - try hitting pause and play again if the music doesn't start right away.


Definitely included:

Trying to decide between:


Definitely want to include:

Trying to decide between:


I definitely want to include:

Trying to decide between

Thanks for the help! Unless none of you help. In which case, thanks for NOTHING.


AuthorPeter Silk