Peter Silk is a human being from London, UK.

He has been known to compose music, mainly for games.

He has also been known to design and write games.

He wishes it to be known you can poke at the buttons up there to investigate further.





Though, if you've got here you probably grasp at least the basics of web navigation.

So he probably didn't need to tell you that. 





Still, there's all this space...





Well, looks like we're in this for the long haul. 

How are you, anyway?

Don't answer that; he won't hear you. 

Still, he hopes that you are quite well.

Honestly, there's really not much reason for you to be all the way down here, though. 

All the interesting stuff is back at the top.



But you want to see where he's going with this, don't you?



I'm dreadfully sorry but he doesn't really have anything else. 

There's no big secret at the bottom.

After a while this is just going to stop.



"Well, there's a couple of minutes of my life wasted," you'll think to yourself.



And yet you persist.

Mostly he just feels sorry for you now.




Maybe you don't grasp the basics of Internet navigation.

Perhaps this is what the Internet is to you.

If so, good news - there are videos and music and excellent articles and pictures of cats.



You just won't find any of them down here.



That long box at the top of your browser is a portal to a near infinite number of fascinating realms.



This truly is a waste of the sheer scope of it.




Let's put you out of your misery.




The end is coming up...




























































See, I told you.